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Decked out in black from head to toe, the "Turbine Carbon Black Edition" fully meets the expectations of watch enthusiasts who love bold yet classic and refined designs. To achieve the "Total Black" look, the case, the dial, the iconic turbine, and the strap are dyed black.

Black is synonymous with power and authority. But it is also associated with mystery, elegance and sophistication and is generally the preferred colour for gala events and important occasions. Beloved by many, black is an 'evergreen' colour; it never goes out of fashion and is always on trend, making it a perfect choice for wristwatches.

With an improved water-resistance of 10atm/100m, compared to the traditional 5 atm/ 50m adopted by the Swiss Maison in previous collections, the central body of the case of the "Turbine Carbon Black Edition" is composed of polycarbonate and carbon fibre. Due to its extreme lightness, this material is very pleasant on the wrist. It is also robust and boasts excellent thermal insulation capacity and resistance to chemical agents and temperature variations. On the other hand, the bezel and case back are made of matte black PVD-coated stainless steel.

The case, which has a 44 mm diameter and a thickness of 13.82 mm, has a sporty-chic look thanks to the smooth bezel and the distinctive fluted case middle. The flat matte bezel frames the black dial, which spins into action with the turbine. Perrelet's undisputed signature, the dynamic 12-blade black anodised aluminium turbine starts rotating with every movement of the wrist.